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My name is Douglas E. Rogers. I've been making things online since 1998. In no particular order, I am an entrepreneur, developer, traveler, & adventurer. People hire me to make their products better. You can contact

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Pretty Instant

Technical lead, Co-founder Interactive Social Photography. We might have just stumbled upon the most effective marketing medium ever. Currently working on the "now package it and sell it" phase. Stay tuned! View Site »

CTO, Part owner The music industry's first mobile online portfolio and the first product from Indie Ambassador. View Site »

Bio Business & Marketing

Technical lead, Co-founder Biology business & marketing agency, specializing in web development, social media, & e-commerce for life science companies. View Site »
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Glowing Rectangles

Glowing Rectangles

Sole proprietor Just a running catalog of stuff I've learned, made, or found interesting. View Site »

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Media3 Technologies, LLC | Credit Lyonnais | United Parcel Service | Instinet | The Earth Institute @ Columbia University | Quirk Auto Dealers